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Catherine L.Rhodes

Artisan Pottery

A Little About Catherine

Catherine is a graduate of Stanford University and loves words, language and working with her hands. Ever since she took her first ceramics class 22 years ago, she has been making pots and learning about the beauty behind the pottery-making process. She revels in the limitless possibilities of creation– from hand building to the wheel to all the intersections in between–with particular attention to textures and details. Catherine also believes in leaving little to no waste, so she strives to use every bit of clay. In doing so, her pieces tend to take on a different shape or texture than originally intended­–a welcome surprise. Outside of pottery, she enjoys traveling as much as possible with her husband and fellow artist Steve Buccellato, their son and two dogs. “My personal motto is: What you give away, you keep forever,” she says. “It’s all about sharing ideas and learning from each other.”

Catherine's work is currently being shown at the GoodDirtLA Gallery.





If you have any questions, comments, or pottery requests, please email me using the contact form, or reach me through Instagram @cat.rhodes.

Or check out my etsy page!

I look forward to hearing from you!


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